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Many of our customers are sending us emails, regarding the products that we sell. Most of the answers you can find in the list of Frequently Asked Questions.
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Take a look at the most common answers of these questions:
-Our products contain exotic herbs which are harmful. Legal Ecstasy is legal in many countries. The shipment of our products is reliable and fast all over the world. We don’t send our items only to: Latvia, Norway, Russia and Estonia. As to the fact, that the legal ecstasy is herbal and safer, most of the people don’t feel all the secondary effects using them.

If you are not satisfied with our products, we will offer you to try legal ecstasy for full 60- day period. In this period, you can return all the unopened items that you have ordered, and one absolutely empty container which have been filled with legal ecstasy. Yes, you can get a money back offer! Regarding your card payment, we would like to inform you that after purchasing the legal ecstasy, “Worldpay” or “Etechmedia ltd” will appear on your bank statement. There will be no information about the product you have purchased, and it will be delivered in a tactful manner.
For everything else, regarding your questions about our products you can find in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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